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My Favorite Trans Movie


It’s funny to me that my favorite trans movie isn’t specifically “trans.”


It’s Mulan. I saw it when it came out (in 1998) with my Gram, because no one else wanted to see it. As I’ve watched it again and again over the years, it seems to have an increasing impact on me. I put it on today just because it was on the Disney channel. I put it on more for noise than anything else. I cry so much watching this movie. Good cry. Scared cry. Sad cry. Loved cry. Mulan triggers every emotion. And it’s pretty funny, too.


But the really interesting thing is how I relate to Mulan. Mulan is a girl that masquerades as a man in order to serve in her father’s place in the army. She does not want to be a boy, yet she is pretending to be one. It’s gottent to the point that that’s really how I see my past. I was pretending to be a boy. I see myself so much as that girl, scared for her life if the truth was revealed. It’s not a perfect analogy for my life, of course, but it surprises me how much more I relate to Mulan than most other trans characters in movies, and she’s not even “really” trans.


Anyway, good movie, one of my favorites ever, just felt like saying so.


And it has a most amazing song for a transwoman:

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