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Archive for July 18, 2008

No action for me

So, I finally made it to Jacque’s tonight. I’m still trying to process everything that went down this evening. It was fairly eventful emotionally.

I don’t like drag. I find it offensive. I try to see it as a “good time” and light-hearted fun, but as hard as I try, I feel like it trivializes my life experience. Yes, fine, even my priest (yes, my priest came to the tranny club with me – she’s a pretty cool priest) said that I was taking it too seriously.

When the show started I sort of really closed in on myself. I went outside with Ilyse, and felt a little better. After three rum & diet cokes I felt quite a bit better. I still have very mixed feelings .., but by the end ot the night I did have a good time.

I had four great girlfriends with me, and I accomplished my goal for the evening, which was to make it inside the damn club and scope it out. And, oddly enough, I’m not sure I’ll ever go back.

I felt like I should go to Jacque’s because tranny-chasers hang out there. I jokingly said that I wanted to get laid tonight (yeah, right). But, the guys that were there were incredibly skeevy. Like, I had this expectation that since it was the real world the guys at Jacque’s would be less sketchy than the guys on craigslist – wrong. There were a bunch of bachelorette parties, so there were a ton of very drunk straight women in the club; it was a weird vibe. But there were also several guys hanging out at the bar; they were pretty creepy without exception. If that’s the pool of men that I have to pick from when it comes to dating, I’m going to be single for a very long time.

Rev S~ was amazing while I was freaking out, as were L~ and I~, but R~ is just one of the most amazing friends I’ve ever had. She said just such brilliant and lovely things, amongst which was that she sees me as the same as her (a woman), and that the drag queens are pretending to be me (and her). She’s one perceptive lady. I love her so much; I’m so glad we’ve become such good friends.

So, I didn’t get laid (*sigh*), and I did kind of freak at first, but I had an overall enjoyable evening (especially after that third rum & diet coke). More importantly, I’ve been into Jacque’s at this point, and I would not be intimidated about going back. I’m not sure I would go back, because I’m not sure how realistic it is to try to meet someone there for a real relationship. But I’m not scared of the place anymore, and that’s pretty good.

I did like my outfit, though.

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