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Two awesome gigs and two rude morons

I often gush about how blessed I am to be able to perform with such talented musicians. Well, tonight I got to perform with Hypaspace and Bryan McPherson on the same day.  It took a little rushing around, and I played on borrowed drums for the set with Hypaspace, but it was totally worth it.

The gig with Hypaspace was at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain; we’ve played there a lot lately, and it’s always a great time. I used the drums belonging to the drummer in the band after us, which aided my schedule. There was this awesome sticker on the side of the bass drum; it said “Don’t Look Back.” That’s just about become my motto, so I thought that was really cool. The only problem was that the strainer on the snare drum was broken, so I played the whole set with a snare drum with the snares disengaged; it’s okay, I’m a professional, but it was an interesting experience. Besides that minor problem I thought we all played awesome and the set was just great.

After the set was over I dashed out to my car and headed over to Church, where I had already dropped off my drums, for the gig with Bryan. This gig was also all different kinds of awesome. It was an “acoustic night,” so we played a little more mellow than we do sometimes, but the music was so good. Bryan has this new song, that he played with just he and Jessica (the fiddle player who’s been joining us), and I don’t even remember the name of it, but it is so powerful. Bryan’s music is good for my soul.

The day was marred by a couple people being kinda sorta stupid. First was this woman that insisted on calling me “he” even after being corrected several times. She finally got to the point where she was catching herself, but it was really obnoxious. This person did not know me before my transition; she has no experience with me as a “he.” I certainly am ~not~ a “he” by any stretch of the imagination; the only reason for her to do that was an almost malicious attack on my identity. As far as how it felt, it was annoying, but it’s been so long since anyone mistakenly referred to me as “he” that it felt more surreal than anything else.

The other rude moron was this guy that, when he saw pictures of me and Tim, said, “Wow, he’s even bigger than you.” Damn, that’s just insulting in so many ways. First, you’re saying that I’m ~so big~ that you’re amazed that anyone is bigger than me. Then you’re calling my boyfriend fat. He tried to salvage what he said but only dug himsef a deeper hole. This was more kind of just goofy annoying, as opposed to the “he” lady, which was more fucked-up.

Anyway, overall it was an amazing day; playing with both Hypaspace and Bryan was awesome, but now I am truly exhausted, so, time for bed.


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