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My priest makes me cry also

But these tears were amazing.

At The Crossing, it’s normal for members of the community to offer the Reflection; in fact, our priest, Rev. Steph, had not preached at all at the Crossing until this month. Tonight was her third reflection, and she has made me cry every single week. It is no wonder that this amazing woman is the priest at the church that I finally felt ready to call home. She is a real person; she’s struggled; she’s searched; she understands.

Tonight’s reading was about the field-owner who hires workers several times throughout the day; he pays all the workers the same wage, even those that he hired late in the day. This is the story with the “and the last shall be first and the first shall be last” line. Steph talked about equality, and when she talked about The Crossing being so openly welcoming of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender folks, I got really teary-eyed. And then, when she talked about people who normally don’t have a voice being heard, I just about totally broke down. I can’t overstate how important The Crossing is to me. The Crossing, and Rev. Steph have enabled me to gradually find my own strength as a leader, to say nothing of just helping me to reestablish a firm center with my spiritual life.

It’s been an amazing few weeks finally getting to experience my priest preaching. She’s all sorts of fabulous.


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