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The ER in Albany

So, I spent most of the day in the Emergency Room in Albany, NY. Why? Well, to be the typical over-sharing that you all know and love: last night I started peeing a lot of blood. I’m on tour with Hypaspace, and I was scared, so I had the guys bring me to the ER.

Steve sat with me. I know I just said how awesome Steve is the other day, but he really is.

I called Tim while we were on our way to the hospital. That helped me to feel a bit better. Have I mentioned that he’s pretty awesome?

So, after about six hours, the verdict is that they’re not sure what was wrong with me. I feel better, and the blood has stopped. But I hate when the hospital doesn’t tell you what’s wrong.

Lots of tests.

The staff was awesome. Due to the nature of the problem, I disclosed my trans-status early on. I was just a woman who needed a prostate exam. lol

So, I guess I feel better, still a little scared, though.


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