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A cute little drummer living her dream.

Betty’s Daughter

My mom and I went out for breakfast today; we went to this neat little place where my mom and my step-dad are regulars. My mom and I sat at a table, and the waitress called over: “Betty, coffee?” My mom said that she’d have a Diet Coke. Then the waitress said: “Betty’s daughter, coffee?” I said that I would just have water.

And gradually the conversation, no matter how brief it was, sank in.

“Betty’s daughter.”

I am Betty’s daughter.

In the last few weeks I’ve been having all these triggers that have been making me think about how far I’ve come; it’s been extremely gratifying to be able to absorb my journey at this point; I was just talking about the tagline of my blog this evening: “Just a cute little drummer living her dream.” It gradually sinks in just how damn appropriate that really is.

Being my mom’s daughter is just sort of the latest in a long line of really cool, subtle and profound examples of how amazing everything seems to have become.

“Betty’s daughter” indeed!



  Corrvin wrote @

Awwww! That’s gotta be awesome.

  Amanda wrote @

Huzzah!! 😉

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