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Arisia as a commuter

Arisia started tonight. Arisia is a ~very~ cool sci-fi convention held each year in Boston. A couple months ago it looked like Tim might be able to head north for the con, but complications at work have kept him trapped in New Jersey (grrrrr). I was also expecting to have a hotel room but that didn’t happen either, so I’m not there all day everyday, but I’ll be there as much as I can this weekend.

I went this evening and already attended three panels.

First was “What if they’d been invented earlier.” It was a fun panel that considered the possible ramifications if things like lasers and guns and space travel had been invented earlier than they were, and sometimes looking at why things were discovered only to be forgotten and then rediscovered. It was very interesting and it could have gone on for another two hours and I’m sure I would have been just as entertained.

Next I went to “Science Fiction is a girl thing too.” My inner feminist sort of told me that I ~had~ to go to this one. It pretty much consisted of everyone trying to create a list of sci-fi books that would be good for teen-aged girls to read. I found it horribly boring. And, as someone who doesn’t read as much as she’d like (for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being laziness), I just felt like the dumb kid in the room.

Lastly for this evening was “The Modern Burlesque Revival.” This panel was awesome. They had folks from The Boston Babydolls burlesque troupe leading he panel, and one young woman who has a burlesque group at her college. This panel was fun and informative; they gave some history of burlesque, talked about “neo-burlesque,” and even got into issues such as how society tends to look down on burlesque performers. One of the audience memebers, who performs as a drag-king, brought up the similarities and crossover between burlesque and drag, and that was fascinating. It was a great panel. I almost didn’t go to that one; I’m very glad I did.

After that I decided to head home for the evening because I have to teach in the morning before I can head back for more geeky goodness. Arisia is awesome; I could try to explain why, but if you’re a geek you already understand, and if you’re not a geek you never could…


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