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Arisia ’09 – day 2

Today was the second day of Arisia, just like last year, it feels like I’ve crammed more into the time that has elapsed than is physically possible. I must go to sleep as it’s almost 3:00 am, and I’ve told myself I’m getting up at 8:00 so I can have breakfast at the hotel before beginning the day.

So, just a brief rundown of the day’s events.

I taught until 2:30 and got in to the con around 3:30. I was really excited to be there earlier than I expected because I got to attend a panel titled “GLBT Friendly Comics.” It was a really cool panel for several reasons, not the least of which being the inclusion of a 13 year-old bisexual on the panel. I went away with a whole list of comics that I want to check out with GLBT characters. This was a great one.

After that was a panel entitled “How do we pay for the future.” This was one of those panels that makes me feel like the dumbest girl in the room; the panels members were all brilliant. They talked about abundance and scarcity and how society and economies could look in the future. It was fascinating and really heavy; I am so glad I went. One of the reasons I love Arisia is that I can go and talk about GLBT comics and then right after that talk about the economic outlook for the future and what science can or should do about it.

After that I went to panel called “Beloved Ghosts vs. Evil Dead.” Pretty much they talked about representations of the dead (ghosts and zombies) in movies and literature as well as myths regarding the same. It was okay, but largely a meh for me.

I took a break after that panel and hung out with Sarah a bit. We ended up in the room of a couple friends who were entertaining a few other friends. Two of the friends were a couple and they had their 18 month-old daughter; she was just the cutest kid ever. Have I mentioned that my biological clock sounds like Big Ben ringing in my ears. Hanging around with babies and toddlers just really pushes that button in my brain: I WANT A BABY!

We ran up to the art show before it closed for the evening, and I ended up buying a really cool pencil drawing of a female steam-punk character. I also bought a print of a female version of Boba Fett called “Babs Fett.” Yay for art! I am really excited about the piece I bought; I can’t wait to bring it home so I can find an appropriate place to hang it.

After that art show I ended up at “Your kink is okay.” This was a really cool panel. I love spaces where there are kinky folks and everyone is cool with everyone else’s kink. It’s funny just how vanilla I feel in a room full of kinky folk – lol!

Next was “Knowing the Score: Music in Sci-Fi and Fantasy.” This was okay, but fairly forgettable.

Last for the evening was the reading of “The Eye of Argon.” This was a highlight last year for me, and this year it was more of the same. “The Eye of Argon” is a horrible sci-fi short story, with terrible grammar and many typos. The “reading” is actually a contest: people read until they make a mistake, and they have to pronounce the typos as written, and they can’t laugh. It is a ton of fun. I’ve been too chicken to even give it a try last year and this year, maybe next year I’ll try my luck. The contestants were great this year, it took an hour and a half to finally crown a winner. It’s impossible to explain if you’ve never experienced it, but it is tons of fun.

And then I was out to the car and home.

And now sleep.

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