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Beautiful Woman

I was talking with a woman at church this evening, and I wanted to share the conversation.

To set the context, during the service this evening I received an email from my surgeon’s assistant letting me know that my file was complete and that she had received all the necessary items from me that I needed to provide pre-surgery (checks, letters of recommendation, medical history, etc…). I was pretty ecstatic after getting this email, I even had to excuse myself from the service for a moment to jump for joy in the hallway (seriously). I guess my joy was expressed in my playing, because this woman came up to me after the service and said that she could hear the happiness in my playing.

I explained to her why I was so elated. I told her that I’m transgendered and that my surgery is February 24th and I finally have all of my ducks in a row.

We talked a little about me and being transgendered and all that stuff, and then this exchange happened:

Her: “Penny, can I ask you a personal question?”
Me: “Sure, being transgendered I’ve gotten used to personal questions.”
Her: “What biological sex were you born?”
Me: “Well, there was some ambiguity, but I was born with a penis and one testicle.”
Her: “But, Penny, you’re such a beautiful woman.”

Okay, so that was one of the coolest things anyone has said to me. I think I’ve got this whole thing pretty well down. I’ve spoken with this woman a few times before, and I’ve always thought she was cool; this conversation only made me like her even more.  😉

Oh, and there is still the little news about my file being complete with my surgeon.



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