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Archive for February 2, 2009

Healing Bracelet

My friend Rosanne made me a bracelet for my trip to Colorado. Rosanne sang back-up vocals on the demo-tape of my very first band, Sex and Witchcraft way back in 1990. The bracelet is lovely, it has jade, citrine and quartz; it has a frog (for luck & fertility ;-)) with a drum; pink crystals; kitty cats; and dragonflies (for transformation).

She included a card with the bracelet, and I asked if it was okay if I shared what she wrote, and she said that was fine, so here it is:

    Like a snake you’re going to shed your skin. We all know the beauty that is within as well as your talents. For many years you knew who you were and wanted to be. Now the time has come to make him a she. Please wear this when healing.”

Like, wow, right? See what I mean about people being amazing during this time in my life? I am so grateful for all of this.

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