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I got an “F” in sex…

So, I confess that the title of this post is a line that I stole from a fellow transwoman, but I thought it was cute enough that I wanted to use it myself.

I recently blogged about Massachusetts making it possible for people to change the gender marker on their driver’s license without surgery. The new requirement is a signature from a health care provider or mental health provider. So, I saw my therapist today and had her fill out the form (see it here), and then went right to the RMV. I was pretty anxious while I was waiting, Massachusetts just enacted this change, and I was concerned as to whether or not the staff would be up to speed on the change. Well, my worry was completely unfounded; the woman that helped me was lovely and the process was quick and easy.

And so now I have my Massachusetts state driver’s license with an “F” gender designation.



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  Amanda wrote @

Woohoo! Congrats Penny…
I just got my TN license yesterday, and the picture didn’t completely suck! 🙂

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