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Passing at church again

Last night at church I had another little ego-boo in the whole thing that is “passing.” I pass all the time. Yesterday when I was at the RMV changing the gender-marker on my license I was “ma’amed.” Enough said. And yet I hardly live a stealthy life; I’m pretty open and honest about my history.

The Crossing creates a very interesting picture into that whole drama, because I have outed myself to the community at larger several times, but the community is very dynamic and constantly changes. So I assume everyone at The Crossing knows that I’m transgendered, but it often doesn’t come up, and I’m surprised sometimes when people haven’t known until a specific moment.

I posted on my Facebook status yesterday that I had gotten an “F” on my license. When I got to the church last night, one of the regular members of the community was there early setting up. He’s been coming to The Crossing for quite a while, and while I assumed he knew, it had never come up between the two of us.

So as I walk in he says, “Penny, you got an ‘F’ on your license?” I replied, “Yes.” He continued, “As opposed to what, an ‘M?'” And I said, “Yes, I had an ‘M’ on my license.” He asked, “How did that happen?” To which I had to respond, “I was born a boy.” And he said, “Oh, I didn’t know.”

Cool, yes?

We ended up talking a little about my surgery and such, but then we were talking about the refreshments for the after the service and just normal stuff.

I love The Crossing; I love God; I love my life.





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  emharkey wrote @

“I love The Crossing; I love God; I love my life.





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