Penny's Story

A cute little drummer living her dream.


For the second year in a row, I helped kick-off the Discernment Day process at the Cathedral. We provide a little Crossing-style music to hopefully relax the folks before their day of very heavy stuff. As I know, for different reasons, “discernment” is a deep and tiring process.

I really enjoy sharing music with this specific group of people. My life required more really complicated decisions than the average life [I did luck out on my job, though, I’ve always been a drummer]; I relate to the process of discernment very closely. 

It was a very fun morning; a couple other folks from the Crossing handled the singing/leading, and we got the folks gathered singing pretty well. My favorite part was when one of the singers, who has admitted to me that she has no rhythm, “taught” the group to dance; it was pretty funny [and she’s right, she has ~no~ rhythm].

There is something very special for me in drumming, and drumming in a spiritual setting, and drumming in the cathedral. My spirituality is very far from something from anything that I can explain with words, but whatever happens when I drum is incredibly powerful.

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