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Questions from students…

So, I’ve been giving my students a note letting them know that I will be taking a leave of absence; some of them know I’m having a surgical procedure, but I’m pretty sure that only one student knows that I’m having GRS. A few of the students that know I’m having surgery have been curious about what I’m having done. My favorite was the student that asked if I’d be returning from my break with “bigger boobs.” 🙂 [“Um, I’d have to tell you if it was that, right?”]

My last student today was curious enough that I ended up using my Gram’s old stand-by, and I told him that it had to do with my “female organs.” Which seemed to do. But then he chnaged the subject and said, “Penny, what are pads?”


So, I laughed a little and told him to ask his mom; drum lessons are hardly the place for health class.

I love my kids; I’m going to miss them like crazy while I’m recovering from surgery.


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  Kieran wrote @

Best of luck, Penny, will be in my prayers!


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