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The One Who Knows…

I teach mostly beginners; that’s because there’s a huge turn-over in music lessons; kids start and discover that they don’t really like the instrument, or they have zero aptitude for it, or they’d just rather do other things. This means that only one of the students that I currently teach knows that I’m transgndered. He knew me before my transition. He lived through my transition with me. It was difficult for him (at the time hiw mom and I spoke and she said that he felt like he was losing a friend).

So, for all of my other students that I can be coy with about saying that I’m taking a leave of absence or having surgery and they have no idea that I’m having GRS, this one student knows, and it makes him uncomfortable.

So, tonight when I gave him the note about my leave, and he asked why, and I said because I’m having my surgery, he just said, “Oh.” 

And we ignored it for the rest of the lessons, because I’m certainly not going to force the subject in his drum lesson.

And then as he was leaving he wished me “good luck,” which did make me feel a little better.

But overall this made me feel like shit.


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