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A cute little drummer living her dream.

Almost ready…

In just about 36 hours my plane leaves for Colorado, where I will have my GRS next Tuesday. I’m just about packed, and I feel peaceful and ready and excited and a million other emotions. A while ago I wrote a post about learning to accept, in a positive way, the reality that something I never expected to happen was actually coming true. This really does feel almost surreal; I never expected to get here, and here I am.

I guess I wanted to write and say thanks to everyone that has loved me, and held me, and helped me to get here. I’m very busy right this moment, so I’m not able to thank everyone that deserves it individually; I hope you know who you are, and how much you all mean to me; my sky would be dimmer without your presence in my life. 

I may have a very small amount of time before I go into the hospital in Colorado in which to be in touch, but I’ll probably be very scarce for several days. I will post updates to my Facebook and MySpace pages, as well as here on my blog as much as I can. I will have wi-fi access in the hospital, so as much as I can be coherent on the pain meds, I will be in touch.

This is like every dream in my entire life coming true all at once; I’m really glad I have y’all to share it with me.




  Corrvin wrote @

Dreams do come true!

  Raven wrote @

Take care Penny

  DDA wrote @

Best of luck! 🙂

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