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Day 1: Penny’s Excellent Adventure

[This is part of my ongoing diary about my SRS experience in Trinidad, Colorado with Dr. Marci Bowers. See the main page here: Penny’s Excellent Adventure.]

10:10 – Dallas


Sitting in Dallas, I’m almost to Colorado. The past several weeks have stirred so many emotions, so many recollections, so many thoughts. I’ve had to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming many times. This just feels completely surreal.


When I examine how I got here – the amount of strength, the help of multitudinous loved-ones, the intervention of God – I am still amazed that I am on my way to Colorado to have Genital Reconstruction Surgery. I’ve been calling this my “Excellent Adventure,” after Bill & Ted, and it really feels like that’s a very apt title; it sure is an adventure, and it has every indication of being excellent.


My mom is flying out with me, and my ex is meeting us in Colorado – how amazing is that? And then another friend is coming out to be with me on the day of my surgery and the day after, and then two more friends are coming out next week to accompany me on my return trip. I am well and truly blessed by the support that I have been given in this endeavor. The Crossing gave me a special send-off last night, as Rev. Steph said a blessing and annointed me with oil and the community gathered around me and layed hands on me and a couple people offered up prayers; it was incredibly moving. Rev. Steph even gave me a cross to bring with me on my adventure. I am so loved; it is humbling.


So, now we sit at the Dallas airport, waiting for our connecting flight to Colorado Springs, my mom and I acting just like she and her mom used to act (that is to say: we’re bickering). And I can’t really say how grateful I am for my mom. Even when I find her frustrating, this is the woman that taught me how to love, and there is no greater gift.  




And now we’re in Trinidad, Colorado. My mom and I got into Colorado Springs, had a great prime rib lunch, went to the Pioneers Museum, picked up Jayme at the airport, and made our way here – the lovely Super 8 Motel. I think I need to go to bed; I’m so tired I could probably sleep standing up.



  Corrvin wrote @

Yay! I love updates!

Glad you made it there safe. I’ll be thinking about you.

  Amanda wrote @

I’m glad to hear you made it safely and happily… 🙂

Enjoy yourself, but make sure you get good rest!

  Lars wrote @

How wonderful that Jayme is with you !!

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