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Day 2: Penny’s Excellent Adventure

[This is part of my ongoing diary about my SRS experience in Trinidad, Colorado with Dr. Marci Bowers. See the main page here: Penny’s Excellent Adventure.]

7:51 AM

We’re up, we’re pretty well rested, and we’re showering (not together – lol). I think we’re making the trek back to Colorado Springs today to see Pikes Peak, the Seven Falls Waterfalls, and hopefully one or two other things. This is pretty much the most exciting time in my life ever. Hooray.


12:57 PM

So, the Seven Falls were a little frozen, though there was some flow. I’m pretty addicted to water, whether frozen, flowing, or vaporous. It was a bit chilly; the cold here is different than back home; the dryness seems to make the cold go through to my bones in a way that it doesn’t in Boston. Jayme and I climbed the 185 stairs to the lookout next. The air is really thin here, we were both gasping when we were halfway up the stairs. I took a bunch of pictures, and it was just lovely. I would love to see it again when the falls are roaring.

Now we’re at a restaurant called the Mason Jar, recommended by one of the women that worked at Seven Falls. I’ve already embarrassed Jayme, and my mom’s already embarrassed me; it’s off to a typical meal.



Back from the Garden of the Gods and snug in our hotel room after a pretty poor meal at Blackjack’s Saloon in Trinidad; we should have eaten in Colorado Springs, we’ve had great meals there. The Mason Jar was very good at lunch, but dinner was … well … a disappointment.

The Garden of the Gods, on the other hand, was simply stunning. I was blown away by the gorgeous rock formations. Jayme and I walked around quite a bit and had a bunch of fun. My mom wasn’t up to hiking so she stayed in the car. 

We got back to Trinidad and hit Wal-Mart and then Blackjack’s, where everything took too long, they were out of baked potatoes, and the steak and salmon were very over-cooked. Hopefully we’ll find better local grub tomorrow, as we’re not planning on heading back to Colorado Springs.


Overall, though, it was a great day.


  Lisalee wrote @

I’m surprised the food was disappointing at Blackjacks…we had delicious steaks when we were there…it was over a year ago lol. If you get the chance, take the CO-12 loop out of Trinidad up into the mountains…more beautiful scenery

  pickypenelope wrote @

The food wasn’t just bad, it was ~horrible~. It was bad enough that I didn’t even think complaining made sense, as it was pretty clear that things would not have gotten better.

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