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Day 9: Penny’s Excellent Adventure

[This is part of my ongoing diary about my SRS experience in Trinidad, Colorado with Dr. Marci Bowers. See the main page here: Penny’s Excellent Adventure.]

7:08 AM:

I’m officially ready to get out of the hospital; I slept like crap last night, even on the Ambien.

In good news, my Blood Pressure finally seems to be inching toward normal, it was just 103/53 (the top number had been under 100 since my surgery). I’m feeling better everyday, and I’m having my petulant, impatient moments, but overall I am pretty blissfull.


8:26 AM:

Just had a pretty good breakfast for what should be my last meal in the hospital. I stood with my room mate and had a nice chat before breakfast. She’s a very nice woman; I definitely will try to keep in touch with her after this. I firmly believe that shared struggles forge strong bonds, and it seems like we already have a nice rapport. Who knows what the future brings, of course, but I’d definitely like to try.


7:07 PM:

So, I’ve been at the Morning After House (which is sort of a half-way house) since about noon. It’s a really lovely house. I took a shower earlier; ~damn~ my left labia sure is swollen. I think everything looks pretty good, just a little swollen on the left. I guess I’m settling into the routine of healing. I feel very boring.  lol


10:30 PM:

Sitting in the living room, watching Jurassic Park 3 with my roomie. It’s been a long and tiring day, but I feel very good. I know that my full recovery will take quite a while, but I am so excited. My roomie, by the way, is a wonderful woman. She’s the same woman I shared the hospital room with, and we just have been getting along great.

I had to have Sarah and Wendy pick me up some chucks (bed pads), but the store was out of them, so I ended up with “dog training pads” to sleep on to make sure I don’t mess the bed.



  emharkey wrote @

Love catching up and glad you’re doing so well! Lots of love and prayers coming your way, girl.

  Amanda wrote @

I’m glad you are doing well my dear!

Ambien really helped with my insomnia when it got really bad. I use a wave machine, and relaxing music before bed, now… but I do still take an Ambien on a “bad night”.

Keep the updates comin’! 🙂

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