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Day 10: Penny’s Excellent Adventure

[This is part of my ongoing diary about my SRS experience in Trinidad, Colorado with Dr. Marci Bowers. See the main page here: Penny’s Excellent Adventure.]

8:00 AM:

Yay, just took my first “real” poop since surgery. When I went the other day in the hospital it was mostly gas, this actually had a little volume to it (I know you were all dying to know!).

I still have a little more bleeding than I would like, but I think it’s mainly from where my j-tube drain was (that’s the internal drain that lets blood flow to the outside – they removed it Thursday). My roomie says that she’s still bleeding from there too, so. They’re going to remove my packing tomorrow and teach me how to dilate, so someone that knows what they’re talking about will be looking at it tomorrow, which makes me feel good. My left labia remains ~big~, but it doesn’t really seem all that pissed-off besides being pretty swollen.


11:35 AM:

So, my butt is definitely further back than it used to be. I don’t know what the hell the exact plumbing reason is for it, but my room mate said that hers is too. That’s just weird.

I’m feeling a bit better after my shower, the bleeding seems to have slowed considerably, and it definitely seems focused on the j-tube drain.

Have I mentioned my roomie is awesome? Well, she is. (I’m being a lot more vague about her than I often am about people to respect her privacy; so pretty much all you’re gonna get is that she’s wicked cool.)


12:25 PM:

So, I was chatting with Tim online and I told him how swollen my labia is, and he ran with it:


Tim Lopez:

a new kids book:

Penelope and the Magic Labia

gather round kids

i have a tail to tell

come hear the story of a labia as big as yer hed

it dwarfed all others

even the rose of Tralee

but this Labia

was a magic Labia

for when she thought of it

and said the words


Labia Oxtavia from Scandanavia

it would grant wishes

and sing songs of days of yore

And then he sent me this link:

Oh my.


3:07 PM:

Definitely a little concerned about the blood.

I’m very tired after doing several trips up and down the stairs.


10:13 PM:

Just wrote this message in the guest book at the Morning After House:


“Carol + Marci,

      How do you thank someone for granting your heart’s most desperate wish?

      I honestly have no idea how to thank the both of you. The very fact that this surgery exists still feels like a miracle to me, and the warmth and support that are provided as part of the care both at MSRH and the Morning After House has made this entire experience feel like a dream.

      I will never forget either of you; even though I was here for a short time, the impact you have both made upon me can not be over-stated.

      I could fill the rest of this book and not feel like I said enough…


      Thank you for my body…

      Thank you for my peace…

      Thank you for making me whole + complete…


                       Mad Hugz, Luv, Blessings, + Laughs,

                                      ~~Penny Larson”


  emharkey wrote @

Beautiful post in the guest book!

  Corrvin wrote @

Please don’t feel self-conscious or anything about the differing sizes. I think a lot of us overestimate the symmetry of the average vulva, because we don’t have a whole lot of context for it. (Unlike guys who can catch a peek of each other at the urinal, even women who run around completely nude don’t generally sprawl and open it up– pun intended– for comment.)

If it helps any, I am totally not posting pictures at any time EVER, but I will tell you (and the whole interwebs, HI WHOLE INTERWEBS) that my own bits are mismatched. Not like, um, a sofa and loveseat, but more in the hat-and-big-fringed-shawl kind of way. If you get my drift here.

That was almost more embarrassing to write than the comment I left somewhere else explaining the likely cause of a genital mishap…

[…] much more normal proportions, and at this point the left side (which was the side that was “bigger than my head“) is smaller than the right. Even more impressive to me is how much the scars have faded. The […]

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