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Correcting the Errors

I’ve jokingly said in the past that I considered my having been born with a penis as similar to someone being born with a cleft palate. It’s very clear to me at this point that I’ve always been female, I was just saddled until recently with a very interesting quirk of my birth. Just as a cleft palate doesn’t have anything to do with the gender of the person with the birth anomaly, having the wrong genitals doesn’t imply anything about one’s gender (the saying in the transgender community is that “sex is what’s between your legs and gender is what’s between your ears”). So, I pretty much considered my GRS as a matter of correcting that physical issue of my genitals not matching my gender (that’s why I don’t mind the phrase “Sex Reassignment Surgery,” because my gender has always been female, it was my genitals, or sex organs, that needed to be corrected).

Anyway, today I corrected another error that had been made at the time of my birth. Because babies are gendered based on visible genitalia (which works for most folks, though it leaves us trans-folk completely unrecognized), and I had a penis when I was born, my birth certificate mistakenly recorded my birth as that of a boy. Today I was able to amend my birth record to correctly list my birth as that of a girl. (I sat and stared at the damn thing for a while after I got it – seeing the space: “Name of Child: Penelope Jane Larson” was just mind-blowing.)

I think I’ve pretty much corrected all the errors surrounding my birth at this point. There may be one or two small ones left, but it feels really, really good to have official documents recognize who I truly am; and who I always was.


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  Amanda wrote @

I second that yay! 🙂

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