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Six-Week Post-Op Update: Penny’s Excellent Adventure

[This is part of my ongoing diary about my SRS experience in Trinidad, Colorado with Dr. Marci Bowers. See the main page here: Penny’s Excellent Adventure.]

   Wow, it was six weeks ago today that I had my SRS in Trinidad, Colorado. Like any other big change in my life, in some ways it seems like just yesterday, and in some ways it seems like a million years ago. Recovering from any surgery has ups and downs, and this has been no different. I can see so much improvement, and I can see so much distance for me to travel until I’m “fully” recovered. I’ve been told by more than one person that I will still be healing after 12 months; from my past experience with my gallbladder surgery, I’d bet that’s pretty accurate.

   To give some physical details, the swelling, especially on my left labia (which was the one that was as “big as my head” right after surgery), has gone down tremendously. There is still some swelling, but there is much less. The suture line that had opened up finally seems to have solidified a bit and within the last couple days has stopped bleeding; that’s really great news. The little stabs of pain have diminished to the point of barely happening at all. I’m still a little tender and stiff, but most of my mobility seems to have returned. I have definitely lost some of my endurance and regained some weight due to my lack of activity during my recovery; I hope to start working on reversing that trend next week. My clitoris still seems pretty numb, and the left side of my clitoral hood is completely numb; this is, from what I’ve been told, not completely atypical.

   I always worry that these blogs get pretty graphic, but I’m just reporting things I’m noticing. 

   I noticed some “string” hanging out of a few different parts last week; I guess some stitches are finally working their way out. When I was dilating a few days ago I finally stuck a finger inside myself (yea, it took me almost six weeks before I felt comfortable exploring in there); I was amazed how much it felt like any other pussy’s insides (not that I’ve had my hand inside millions of them, or anything, but I’ve felt a few, and mine felt just like any other; that’s pretty damned cool).

   One of the things I remain most surprised by is how good it feels to wear clothing that is tight in the crotch. Before surgery I had envisioned wearing lots of loose-fitting skirts and the like when I returned home, instead, tight jeans have been by far the most comfortable; they seem to offer support for my swollen parts.

   As my body continues on its healing way, I can’t even scratch the surface of how happy I am. It’s funny how many little things make me smile; it seems everyday I notice some other thing that I had never even considered that’s changed since surgery, even if it’s only changed in my mind. I tried so hard to keep my expectations low going in to surgery so I wouldn’t expect miracles, but this truly has had a miraculous impact on me and my life; everything’s the same, but everything is completely different.

   Here’s to the difference!



  Corrvin wrote @

” One of the things I remain most surprised by is how good it feels to wear clothing that is tight in the crotch.”

Boyshorts time? They’re surprisingly comfy and don’t savage your bits.

I prefer somewhat tighter pants when I have cramps, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue of TMI for the readers of your blog. (Hi, whole interwebs and future employers!)

  pickypenelope wrote @

Well, and then there was today, when I grabbed a pair of panties that are pretty cute and I really like, but that I used to, well, um, “fall out” of; it’s an awesome feeling not having anything that can fall out of my panties. 😉

  Lisalee wrote @


  Alyshia wrote @

I am so glad to read of your progress. I’m nowhere’s near the point you’re at, so I really envy you. I do like to tape my manliness “out-of-the-way” so my panties fit tight, I, too love the feeling, it is so feminine. I wish you the best in your exciting future, and hope you are willing to share details of your first time with a lover. When that day (or night) arrives, I hope it is beautiful for you.

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