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“God doesn’t make people like you.”

   “God doesn’t make people like you.”

   Okay, so I don’t know the person that said this, but it was said to a fellow transwoman. And it pissed me off. A lot.

   First off, F~U~C~K  Y~O~U; how do you know the mind of God? I believe that God created everything; if it’s here, there’s a reason for its existence. I understand that different people have their different faiths and their different ideas of how strongly they get to bully other people to see the same face of God that they see, but come on. If God didn’t make me, who did? And please don’t give me any shit about Satan, or the Devil, because I just don’t buy it. God not only created me this way, but God celebrated my self-acceptance and transition.

   I always feel leery trusting people who claim a moral authority. Moral authority is something you aspire to, but you should always feel like you’re falling just short. It’s sort of like I tell my students about perfection: it’s a journey, not a destination. I have done more soul-searching and praying in the last five years than I think most people do in 20; the one thing I am most certain of is God’s love for me just as I am. I have never told someone else that were evil or that God had a problem with them. I have a hard enough time telling people when I think they’re wrong; my approach is usually to ask them questions and make hope they work it out for themselves. Speaking for God just seems beyond the height of human arrogance.

   Judgemental people suck.

   When my ex-wife moved out, I guess there were some people that tried to vilify me (understandable, considering our marriage’s status as collateral damage in my transition). And the question she would ask these people was: “Who would choose to be transgendered?” Even given all the pain she suffered, she could get it. Transfolk don’t choose this path, why would we? It’s a pretty difficult road. Hell, we have people assuring us that we’re going to hell.  😉

   God made me a woman, and for some reason decided that I should be born with a penis and live a life with a transsexual path. I won’t think to question God’s wisdom in that. How dare someone else have the temerity to do that.

   Isn’t there something in the Bible about being meek, and not judging, and all that?

   You are dead wrong; God ~does~ make people like me.

   God made me a proud transsexual woman.


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