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So, um, IT WORKS! ;-)

So, um, well, I had my first post-surgical orgasm the other day. Hooray, the “feeling good bits” work.  😉  I had just been getting really worried about whether things were healing okay about a week earlier, too, so the timing was great. I still have quite a bit of numbness, enough that just a few days ago I burst into tears after touching my clitoris and not being able to feel anything.

After finding my clit so numb, I decided to focus on what sensations I ~could~ feel, as there were plenty of good feeling spots down there. There were a couple days that I got right to the edge only to completely lose it. I think the fact that I was unsure about whether I would be able to at this point in my healing (or, honestly, ever) contributed to my difficulties in going over the edge.

A couple days ago, though, before dilating I felt pretty aroused. It’d been four months since my last orgasm (so, two months before surgery), to say I was ~wired~ would be an understatement; I figured I’d cum if a strong wind blew. So after I dilated I decided to give it a try, and in not too long I found myself on the edge yet again…

…and then I went over…

…and over…

…and over…

I’m not known for being quiet when I have an orgasm; I’ve been teased because I’m so loud, actually. I sort of suspected that if/when I figured out how to have an orgasm with my new body that it would be an intense and loud one even by my standards, both because it had been so long and I was going to be releasing lots of pent-up stress, and also out of shear joy that my new body “works.” Well, even I was unprepared for the ferocity of this orgasm; I was screaming at the top of my lungs for what seemed like five minutes; I could not have stopped screaming if I tried. It was incredible. And then I giggled for about ten minutes. Out of silliness. Out of relief. Out of pure joy.

Interestingly, my orgasm “style” had changed so much since I started taking hormones that the orgasm felt very similar to the ones I was having before surgery. The stereotype that “male” orgasms are more sharp and “pokey” (d’uh), while “female” orgasms are more full-body and “smoother” seems pretty accurate. Though, like I said, for the most part my orgasms had changed even while I still had the “boy parts.” The body is weird.



  Trish wrote @

You go girl! I have always wondered how and if that could really work… Well, I guess you have once and for all cleared that up for me! Thanks and congrats!

  Lisalee wrote @

You go, Penny!

  Corrvin wrote @

Hooray for fireworks! And glad the cops didn’t get called!

  DDA wrote @

Yay for you! I’m assuming this was what you were hinting at at BabCon. 🙂

  Alyshia wrote @

Thank you very much for sharing that with us. I, too, am glad your body works and wish the same for all who go for SRS. That was a beautiful story and wish you many “womanly” pleasures in the future! You’re a pretty woman and I hope you now feel even more feminine — congrats!

  girlslashwoman wrote @

I’ve always wondered what male orgasms are like. Now I have to figure out what a pokey orgasm is hehe
But congratulations, I bet it’s a huge relief!

  pickypenelope wrote @

Well, perhaps a clearer way to explain it by way of analogy is that my “old-time” orgasms with the “former bits” were more like poking someone with the index finger (so, a few sharp, intense bursts); while the orgasms now with my new and improved after-market parts are more like pushing someone with an opened palm (that is, less centralized and longer).

The former-gasms were more about a few intense squeezes centralized around the crotch, while my proper-gasms involve my entire body, are more gradual, more full, and last ~much~ longer. My whole body seems to become one giant quivering mass now, which is quite pleasant, actually.


And yes, thank you, it is a ~huge~ relief!

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