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No Slack Anymore

It’s always amazing to me how human relationships work, and then don’t work.

It’s funny how when you love someone things are easy to overlook or put the best face on; whereas once things end it’s easy to see things in the worst possible way.

It’s too bad, I guess, but then I guess it’s just part of how human relationships work, with a beginning, middle, and end, and all that.

It’s that whole “love and hate” are two sides of the same emotion. It takes a while before the emtions can settle down enough to think clearly (at least for me).

Just like I’ve never been able to completely pinpoint ~why~ I’ve been in love with someone, I’ve never fully understood why when the love ends there is so much anger. Compromise and understanding are replaced with bitterness, frustration and even suspicion.

Like I said the other day, I don’t really have a problem with people thinking I’m crazy or over emotional; I spent way too much of my life burying emotions. I am who I am. It’s funny how perceptions can change even about things like that; before I was emotional and full of life and experiencing things passionately – now I’m crazy. Oh well.

I know it’s part of the whole “to everything there is a seaon” thing, and that when a relationship dies there is pain involved, I guess I just wish, in my typical little Pollyanna way, that the two halves of the former couple could do things right for each other, and help each other get over the breakup. But, I suppose, if the relationship was working that smoothly and both halves of the couple were doing such a good job at caring for each other, maybe the relationship wouldn’t have ended in the first place.

It’s just sad…



  TheWildMind wrote @

Yep, I understand these feelings completely. For me, much of the angst of an ending relationship is due to the fact that I saw the writing on the wall stating clearly I was in the wrong place and yet I ignored it thus wasting a lot of precious time in my life.
That’s the part I hate the most, wasting the time in a relationship that was never the right fit while hoping it would just become right.

  me wrote @

what i think is still nice though is that when it is “right”, which is something that you still have to look forward to, then it is easier.

the whole “feeling emotions” thing sucks but once you get over that mountain, hope will be restored.

  Anonymous-T-Girl wrote @

i could give you a lot of advice about recognizing patterns of emotional behavior in people, and stacking romantic odds in your favor in the future.

But instead i think i’ll just give you a hug.

  pickypenelope wrote @


I could maybe use some advice about the other stuff, but right now a hug feels best. 🙂

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