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More with the Soldering Iron


Well, I guess that should be:

*owie* *owie* *owie*

So, I saw the local surgeon again today. The granulation tissue at my vaginal opening seems to be greatly reduced (though not totally eradicated), but I had noticed some more up on top of my clitoris. I asked the doctor about it, and he said that if I wanted he could remove it with the same method as before. I was a bit intimidated by the thought of having a that same procedure done right at the heart of every last nerve ending known to man. I mean, seriously, would you be thrilled to have a soldering iron directed at your clitoris? The answer is: No, you wouldn’t.

This hurt considerably more than the last time. Like, ouch, seriously, and that’s after the shot of lidocaine.

Remind me: no soldering irons near the clitoris.


So, I’m seeing him again in three weeks, and I think there might be a little bit more at my vaginal opening for him to take out. But I think I’m gradually getting to the end of this process.

Oh, and I need to do some stretching exercises to get my legs into those damn stirrups. I’ve already had enough of stirrups.


  Corrvin wrote @

Ask for the thigh support things instead of the foot stirrups. They do have other options.

If nothing else, it’s possible to do an exam with the patient lying on her side, too.

(I have hip problems and I’m much taller than they expect patients to be, so stirrups never work for more than the very quickest exams for me.)

  pickypenelope wrote @

~Thank You~!

I thought my hips were gonna get dislocated. The doc was like, “Can you scooch down?” And I’m like, “Not and keep my feet up there.”

[…] the granulation tissue, which I wrote about here, here, here, here, and here, seems mainly resolved. It seems I still have some in the very back of my vagina, but it […]

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