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The Never Ending Granulation


This post is whiny, I feel like shit – just be forewarned.

So, I saw the gynecologist this morning. It was my first time ever. I was actually sort of excited beforehand, even though I know that’s silly. And I was definitely nervous.

Anyway, the doctor I saw was recommended by my mom’s doc, and he was very nice.

So, let’s see, where to begin…

I got there, got checked-in, and forgot that like half the women there would be pregnant, a couple of them were very pregnant. I’m getting better on the whole infertility thing, but it still stings sometimes, and I doubt I’ll ever be “over” it.

I was called in by the nurse. She asked what brought me in today. Okay, well, blah-blah-blah, I had SRS five months ago and I’ve noticed an odor and I think I have granulation tissue internally. She was very sweet. She said, “You had this done just five months ago?” With a very warm smile.

The doctor came in and asked a few questions (he was very cute, because he was almost ~overly~ apologetic about asking questions about my history and surgery). And then he did the exam. Yea, okay, I’m over stirrups, fer sure, and, um, speculum=bad time. He used a pediatric speculum, and even that felt like a lot (which seems weird to me, because I dilate fine and get about 5.75 inches of depth with my biggest dilator – weird). There was a lot of pressure on my urethra (I really felt like I had to pee).

He took a couple cultures to make sure the odor isn’t from an infection.

And then he dropped the bomb of saying that he felt like I do have some internal granulation tissue (he said when he took the culture it bled just being touched by the swab). Son of a…

Also, he said that he didn’t feel comfortable treating me. His first suggestion was for me to call my surgeon in Colorado and see if they knew of anyone local. When I told him that I had already done that and they didn’t he said that he would do some homework and see if he could find someone with experience doing this sort of thing.

So, I know that it’s good for him not to work on me if he doesn’t feel comfortable doing it, and he did say he’d do some research to find someone that did feel comfortable doing it, but in the emotional state I’m in it just came across as if he had said : “not my problem.”


Then he threw in that my vagina seemed “very small.”


Then the woman in front of me checking out was six weeks pregnant, so it was “congratulations” all around.


I did good, I got out of there without crying, but I was really shaken. I called my mommy and told her all this, and when I told her that he said that my vagina was very small she said, “Well, maybe it’s hereditary, because I’m very small.” God, I love my mom. At least I got a little laugh…

So, yea, yet more granulation to deal with. When I had my surgery I told myself that I wanted to feel healed by my 40th birthday (that’s in March), so I’ve got time, but this still just feels like it’s taking forever, and like it’s one thing after another.



  me wrote @

hang in there chickie

  Rebecca wrote @

I feel for you, girl!!! My most recent trip to the gyne resulted in two small granulation issues in my vagina, but neither bled, and I think they’ve healed up. However, dilation has become very painful, and I have very little sensation yet. Only at 3 months just now, but still… Keep us posted, sweetie!

  Abby wrote @

Hugs are all that I can offer you, Penny, but hugs I freely give.

  lisalee18wheeler wrote @

Meh! If you’re using the orange dilator, you’re NOT small! Tell Dr. NIMBY to shove it.


  Corrvin wrote @

Stirrups are a good position for the exam in terms of what the doctor needs. They’re not a good position for comfort AT ALL. This is especially true if you are taller than about 5’6″ or so.

Ask for something other than stirrups. They have alternatives.

And damn, MY gynecologist has never told me I have a small vagina.

I wish they’d set aside a special time of the week, like a certain afternoon, with NO PREGNANT WOMEN there. It’d sure be easier on the women who have fertility issues, or those who are there for a “oh shit hope I’m not pregnant” test, or the like.

  miss kitten wrote @

fooey on doctors! (she says, having had her own uterine based hell this week…biopsies suck)

*hugs you* it sucks swampwater to feel rejected by someone, *especially* when its supposed to be a professional. twatwaffle that doctor is!

oh and the damned speculums are enough to make me want to stand up in the stirrups and hit someone. not to mention the stirrups suck. try putting the balls of your feet in them instead of your heels, that helps me a bit.

*hugs you again* it sounds like you’re doing a very good job of listening to your body and taking care of it. hang in there.

[…] the granulation tissue, which I wrote about here, here, here, here, and here, seems mainly resolved. It seems I still have some in the very back of my vagina, […]

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