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Get that soldering iron away from my crotch!

I’ve mentioned a few times that one of the issues I had after my surgery was some granulation tissue right at my vaginal opening. It wasn’t all that painful, but it was annoying and emmitted a fair amount of near-constant puss-like discharge. There was quite a bit, actually; the doc said that it was a lot.

So, today I had the appointment with the local surgeon to have the granulation tissue removed. When I saw him a month ago, he had used the word “cauterize.” Now, I know that cauterizing something involves heat, but I suppose I wasn’t fully prepared for the procedure. I was definitely nervous, but I guess I wasn’t ready for how much it felt like minor surgery. I was brought into the room and laid on a bed and had myself up in stirrups.

They covered my face with a sheet, I think as a sanitary procedure, and then the doctor came in. He gave me a shot of lidocaine in each side of the vaginal opening, and essentially used a high-tech soldering iron. The pain wasn’t that bad, but the smell was nauseating; burning flesh is never a good smell, when it’s your own, and it’s your own vagina, it’s down-right awful. There was some stinging and pulling, and this was definitely the roughest anyone has been with my new parts (I’m still pretty gentle with them). The sound wasn’t great either, sounding sort of like an electronic buzzing sound. It was over in less than fifteen minutes. I’d say the pain was maybe a three or a four, but the stress of the experience was probably more like a five or a six.

So, that’s over with. I now basically have two burn wounds at my vaginal opening. The surgeon said that new skin should grow over them and that I should go back to see him in two weeks so he can check and see how everything is doing. More importantly, he said that tomorrow I could take a bath and soak – yay!

[fyi: I don’t feel like posting this surgeon’s name in my blog. If you’re in the Boston, MA area and you’re in need of a surgeon who is familiar with surgically-constructed vaginae, please contact me and I’ll forward his info.]

Boston, You’re My Home

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Boston, but tonight I think I need to buy the city a Thank You card or something; I feel like tonight my town held me and hugged me when I really needed it.

So, yea, I love Boston. I grew up here; I love the vibe; I love the energy; I love the “live and let live” attitude; I love the symphony; I love the Esplinade; on and on…

Three weeks ago when I marched in the Pride Parade, I raved about how warm and friendly and positive my city really is. The people were just amazing. It was an experience I will never forget.

This week I had planned on being in New Jersey, spending time with my now ex-boyfriend. It’s been a weird week. And this weekend, of course, we had planned on being together for July 4th. Needless to say, none of what I thought was going to happen this week did. It was a week that I hadn’t expected. I knew the 4th of July, specifically, was going to be tough. I was worried about fireworks and romantic thoughts, and all that.

So, to sort of break the spell, I saw the fireworks in Stoughton last night with mom. They were great for a smallish town. They lasted just about 30 minutes, and were very cool. Unfortunately, my fears were realized and I found myself missing my ex-boyfriend, and getting pretty damned sad about the whole thing.

Undeterred, I knew that I had to keep the plans that I had made with Jayme to see the fireworks in Boston this evening. I haven’t seen the fireworks display in Boston since my mom took me when I was little. If you don’t know, the fireworks display in Boston is one of, if not ~the~ best in the country. It’s a matter of great pride for the city, so I knew it would be special.

Jayme got there a little before me, I think I arrived around 3:30. We got a great spot right along the Charles river looking right at the barge where the fireworks would be launched. So we chatted and hung out and waited. We talked about stuff going on with both of us, and even though we both have reasons to be stressed, we enjoyed the day quite a bit.

Finally, a bit after 10:00 PM, the fireworks show began.

They were amazing. When I was little I liked fireworks, and then I grew away from them for quite a while. Well, I’m back full-force. Between the show last night, and the dazzling display I witnessed tonight, I’d say I love fireworks all over again. I saw colors I had never seen in fireworks before, shapes I never imagined possible simply with exploding powder, and control and precision that just astounded me. I gasped and ooh’ed and ah’ed in the perfunctory way. It was truly special. It was beautiful and lovely.

To channel Dom Delouise for a moment: “Ooo, a sparklie.”  🙂

I almost backed out of today, but I knew it would be good for me to go, and it was better than I had hoped. Being out in the sun (yes, sun!) for a few hours and hanging with Jayme and celebrating America’s birthday in such explosive fashion was a salve for my soul. I needed today. I’m incredibly glad I went. I bet I’ll go again next year. It was awesome.

And so, yet again, I love my town. It sparkled glitter all over me tonight and made me smile. Thank you Boston!

And Happy Birthday America!

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