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So far, so far…

So, very tired, so not many details…

Had date #2 with S. today. We went to the MIT Museum. It was super-groovy. There was an exhibition of these wicked cool mechanical sculptures, and a ton of other good geeky, brainiac stuff. I left the museum feeling my head spinning with information overload. Then we had lunch. Then, on our way out of town I told him about my history of transsexualism. It seemed like not a super-huge deal (he didn’t say “wow, no big deal,” but he didn’t act all flustered and weird, either – some pretty incisive, pretty sensitive questions, actually, as well as asking if I was comfortable sharing more). He had been holding my hand as I started to tell him about my history, held my hand as I told him, and when I had gotten past the bulk of it made a comment about not wanting to let go of my hand. And then we went for a walk on the beach, with much kissing. We were together for something like nine hours – it was a pretty cool day.



  Jessica Sideways wrote @

Congrats, I am really happy for you. Now if only I could find someone like that…

  Anonymous-T-Girl wrote @


  Pondering Transproofed with Friends « Penny's Story wrote @

[…] facilitator training for one of our group. We talked about disclosure, I told the story of how I talked about my history with the Darling Boyfriend, other people shared their dating hopes and experiences. It seemed like we were all on the same […]

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