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Archive for August 9, 2009

So, um, IT WORKS! ;-) [part 2]

Hmmm, how to explain… This is sort of a follow-up to this post…

I met a guy (his “dating persona” is NiceGuyStanding, and that’s how I’ll refer to him (this is the same man as “S.” from a few posts ago)) who lives about an eight-minute walk from my house a few weeks ago. We’ve been emailing a lot, we’ve gone on a few dates, and last night we … um … well … we went all the way, as teh kiddies say. 😉

I’m so not going overboard with details, except to say: HOORAY! It’s really fun being able to enjoy your body while you’re being intimate with someone. So, yea, everything “works” like it’s supposed to, and he seemed to enjoy himself as much as I did. 😉 And my whole body is tired.

Um, just, YAY!


(oh, and we had a chat about it, and we’re also a “couple” and “boyfriend & girlfriend” – (and I wasn’t “pushing” or anything, so there) – also YAY)

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