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Favorite Google Search for Me

So, I can see the search terms that people use to find my blog. Sometimes they’re kind of wacky, sometimes they’re fairly disturbing, but sometimes they just make me smile. Sometimes it seems like the person searching was looking specifically for me, and then sometimes they were looking for something that made sense for them to find my blog, and then sometimes I’m pretty certain that I was ~not~ what they expected. 🙂 Yesterday I saw my favorite phrase that has lead anyone to my blog:

“I am God’s Penny.”

And that just made me smile all different colors of happy, because I am.



  Jessica Sideways wrote @

I would be concerned, as this god of yours threatens those who don’t toe the line.

  Véronique wrote @

As a non-theist, I have completely unconcerned with supposed divine threats, which no real deity would issue anyway. But I also respect the beliefs of others. I mean, why not?

  Alana wrote @

Jessica, you just don’t know Penny’s God. I’ve met Penny’s God recently, and she is A-OK with everyone- and yes – I really mean ~everyone~!

  lisalee18wheeler wrote @


  Anonymous-T-Girl wrote @

Jessica, there are legitimate targets out there.

i have seen nothing to warrant picking at Penny like this.

  ariablue wrote @

Picking Penny Picking Penny na na naaa na naaaa

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