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Sweet Stars and Batty Tag

Well, that’s one of my more interesting titles, let’s see if I can make it make sense…

My boyfriend and I went to Starland the other day. It’s a place with go-karts, mini-golf, laser tag, batting cages, a climbing wall (for kids), an arcade, and a driving range. It’s a really fun place. I haven’t been there in like forever. I continue to be amazed by how sick I used to be. It’s not that I had no one to go with before, quite the opposite, my ex used to try to get me to go to fun places like this all the time – I just couldn’t (for those not sure what I mean, I was borderlin agoraphobic for most of 20’s and early 30’s). I guess sometimes you don’t realize how sick you were until you’re better. I got so used to staying in the house all the time and being scared of everything that it just seemed normal. Now looking back it just seems so sad. I was so scared … Well, yay that I’m better now! Anyway…

My boyfriend picked me up and as we were walking out to the car I could tell he was edging ahead of me. He opened my door for me and sitting on my seat was a Hello Kitty bubble wand (I couldn’t find a picture online, but trust me, it’s adorable). And so my boyfriend has now seen me squee. Like, really, right? It’s a couple dollar little thing, but it’s so cute, and it was so thoughtful. It’s amazingly cool to have someone think of you. He knows I like Hello Kitty, and he just got me this cute little gift. Like, ~*swoon*~. What.a.sweetie!

So, anyway, off we go to Starland. Come to find out that my boyfriend has never ridden a go-kart by himself before (his older brother took him in the past). He had way too much fun. We started with mini-golf, where my beauty continued to distract him from his game and I prevailed again. 🙂 Then we rode the go-karts, which were fun, but are never my favorite thing. Then we did the batting cages. OMG! I wanna play softball next summer. I had so much fun. Like, just crazy fun. Then we played laser tag, which was much more fun and silly than I was expecting (I had never played laser tag before). We played a basketball shooting game in the arcade, and I did ~awesome~. We played air hockey (which is rapidly becoming one of “our” things). We got some tickets from the basketball game, and so we won a couple toy swords (my boyfriend has been dying for us to have swords – he’s so cute). Then before we left I dragged us back over to the batting cages. I must have hit 120 pitches between our two sessions at the batting cages (my boyfriend pretty much just watched me having fun). I have blisters on both hands and it was totally worth it. OhMyGod! It was just crazy fun.

After Starland we headed off to Peaceful Meadows because I’ve been dying for some of their banana ice cream. Yummy. We sat by the pasture and talked for a while. It was a gorgeous day and it was simply lovely.

We got my favorite pizza (Pizza Bianca from Napoli Cafe) and came back to my place and watched “Lars and the Real Girl” (such a good movie).

We got up the next morning and he made us an awesome omelet filled with omelet-y goodness.

It was a pretty damned awesome day.


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So, um, Penny, um…when am I getting my invitation? 😉

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