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…and he made me dinner

[the title of this blog is a variation on a story that a friend told me, even though that friend probably won’t read this, I don’t care; I think it’s funny, and even if most of you don’t get it, oh well]


So, my boyfriend called me while I was at work yesterday. I told him what a cranky and mopey mood I was in, and he offered to come over and make me dinner after work. He brought over chicken and all sorts of veggies and made awesome roasted chicken leg-quarters with toasted sesame seeds and rosemary and a neat veggie stir-fry.

It was just what I needed last night. It really made me feel good.

Then we watched the first “Clone Wars” cartoon (the ones that were done before the Clone Wars movie and current TV show), and I laid with my head on his lap (I ~love~ watching TV and movies like that).

It was just really sweet and it made me feel very special and cared for when I ~totally~ needed it. Just thought I’d brag out loud a little.


  bassladyj wrote @

very sweet.

  Emily wrote @

That’s lovely… That’s just how it should be! 🙂

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