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How Awkward, or Not

The Darling Boyfriend and I were talking the other day about our relationship and stuff, and he said something very interesting. He said that he felt sort of awkward about it, but that if we had met before my SRS, we might not have been so sexually compatible (for the record, we’re ~very~ sexually compatible).

And I pretty much said: “D’uh.”

I mean, really. He’s a straight guy. We’re not supposed to ever talk about the fact that having the proper naughty bits is important to our sex life, but of course it is. One of the things that confused me so much when I was younger was that I knew I wasn’t a gay man, and I knew I wasn’t attracted to gay men. Now that I have the proper body, and I have a straight boyfriend, it’s pretty obvious that that was a huge piece of the puzzle.

I mean, seriously, I’m a straight woman, and I want to have a relationship with a straight man. It seems like it would have been awfully difficult to do that before I had my body corrected. That’s pretty much what “straight guy” means, after all.

I told him rather than feeling awkward about it, I prefer to think that we met each other at the perfect time. (He emailed me for the first time the day after I broke up with my last boyfriend.)

He said that he doesn’t really like to believe in fate. And I said that it’s much worse than that – I believe in God.



  Christa Hilfers wrote @

Although I have not yet had surgery I understand and fell 100% the same.. I was lucky in finding a man who loves me for who I am not what is between my legs…. Which can be very hard for Pre Opp Trans Woman to find….
Love ya Penny, You have a Special Man…..
Christa Hilfers

  Christa Hilfers wrote @

I meant feel not fell….. LOL

  Anonymous-T-Girl wrote @

It *is* very difficult. But possible with patience.

That would be the heart of the difference between the condition called ‘transsexual’ and the concept known as ‘transgender’.

My boyfriend has never even seen it. Let alone have any desire to. He is not gay.

But thankfully, he is patient.

  pickypenelope wrote @

Yay for patience. And I share Zoe’s hope that the wait is as brief as possible.

  Zoe Brain wrote @

May he not have to wait too long, ATG. For both your sakes.

I know I’m universalising my own experience, and that may not be valid. It was only after genital reconstruction that I realised just how important it was to me. It was only years afterwards, when I started having a love life, that I felt the true impact.

I’m happy that your life now is so good. You may not believe it, but it will be even better.

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