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Sarah Clemens’ art at Arisia 2010

Every year that I’ve gone to Arisia I’ve bought some piece of art from the art show. The art show is one of my favorite parts of Arisia (I think this was the first year that I only made it up to the art show once, but I walked through all of the artists’ work several times. The Artist Guest of Honor this year was Sarah Clemens, and for the first time I bought a piece by the Artist Guest of Honor. I really liked her work. It was fantastical and whimsical and sweet and charming (and some of it was mildly erotic as well, but even that had a sweetness to it that was very endearing). I was sorry that I never got to one of her talks, but the weekend was a little hectic for me.

She was a series of works with two characters, a cat and a dragon, named Magnus and Loki. They were really cute, and it was from this series that I found a piece that just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. It was actually the first piece in the whole show, right as you walked into the first exhibit. I saw it, fell in love with it, and walked around the rest of the show about four times before actually going and buying it. I knew right from when I first saw it, but I wanted to make sure. It is ~so~ cute! It’s called “Pileup,” and here’s a link to her site where you can buy prints. And here’s the pic:

I think I’m going to make buying a piece by the Artist Guest of Honor at Arisia an official tradition. It’s sort of a neat way to fill my house with art, support artists, and remember each year’s Arisia.

Yay art!


  Priscilla wrote @

I went to her talk about her art, and it was fascinating. She was concerned about Pileup being too twee, so when she added the dragon in, she positioned it as she did so any saccarine vibes would be countered by, as she put it, the sight of “dragon butt” right in front. 😉

I do love her Magnus and Loki pieces, too.

  pickypenelope wrote @

I confess that when I first saw it, I did go, “Awwwwwwwwwww.”

Even with dragon butt, it’s still pretty sweet.


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