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Hypaspace Rides Again

Dear me, was last night really my first drum set gig since surgery?

Wow; it was.

No wonder I feel ~so~ out of drumming shape. I’ve been practicing and jamming again for a few months, but last night was the first time I laid it on the line since January. I’ll tell you this: it felt really good. Performing music in front of people is one of the most incredible highs I’ve ever experienced, and as much as playing djembe in church each week is fun and spiritually fulfilling, nothing compares to playing drum set. And beyond that, it’s always super-awesome when it’s with the guitarist whose been an absolute joy to work with for over twenty years.

Last night was amazing. I played with Hypaspace, which is something I thought may never happen again. We played for two hours, and by the end I was wiped out. I hope I’m gradually getting back in shape.

The Darling Boyfriend came to see my play, and that was just neat. I got to introduce him to a whole other circle of my friends, which was mad cool. He really liked the show, and said that he thought the band was great. It was awesome.

I saw an old friend from High School too, he came to see us play. I should mention that my High School was an all-boys Catholic High School. Seriously. It was great to see him, and just goes to show that I can be me and the world can deal with it, even people from my way past. How cool is that?

I’m feeling at quite a loss for words lately. Even with my usual hyperbole, I’m just sort of having a difficult time putting the wondrous experiences of my life into words. So much lately I’ve been falling back on stuff like “it was amazing,” because there are no words that do the magical experiences of my life justice.

Anyway, it was great playing with Hypaspace last night, and seeing tons of people that I hadn’t seen in quite a while.



I like bananas and stars

Day two with no trip to the Emergency Room, and I seem to be feeling much better; I’m still not perfect by any stretch, and the shows each day are taking a lot out of me, but I’m definitely feeling very similar to my old self. 😉

So, tour is pretty fun. Yes, I’m in an RV with six guys for two weeks, but these are six amazingly cool men. The other day when I needed to go to the hospital, there was not the slightest hesitancy in any of them about taking me, nor was there any hint of resentment. I wasn’t a burden, I was simply a family-member that needed care. We’re all in this together, and my boys are totally hip to taking care of me. They’re pretty great guys; I’m so psyched to be on tour with them.

Steve is just proving once again how much he loves me, and it’s so completely mutual. We are so much more than friends; he really is my “chosen brother.” I had a great chat with Vinny tonight, too, and it’s been lovely to get to know the guys in Sandal Machine Foot better. It’s always great when a band whose music I love is comprised of people I adore too.

Some of the guys’ girlfriends came down to Manhattan for the gig last night. It was a surprise (I was in on the secret and a little on the planning), and it was really wonderful. It made playing in Manhattan feel like a show in our own back yard.

I’ve been doing my usual act of thinking I play like shit at about 2/3 of our shows, but I think the tour is going amazingly well. Being a rock star is fun.

I talked to Tim for a few hours today, it was the first time we had talked for so long in several days. I miss him lots. I know I’ve said this before, but I am so happy that I met Tim, so happy I have him in my life. He is really special – he makes me laugh, he makes me feel important, he cares about me lots. He kinda sorta rocks. 😀

Today we played in Mechanicsburg, PA. We ate at this restaurant called “Cheeburger! Cheeburger!” They had a bananas foster shake on the menu. I ordered one and wouldn’t shut up about how excited I was about it. The guy making it asked me if I had had one before, and I explained that, no, it was just that bananas foster is my favorite dessert so that when I saw it on the menu I had to order it. He finished making it and gave it to me. I tried a sip and he asked me how it was. I told him it was great. Then, because I never know when to shut up, I told him that I “have a thing for bananas.” I guess I said it more flirty than I meant, because he said something indistinct, but it was clear he thought I was being dirty, and then I turned brilliantly beet-red. Sometimes I am so oblivious.

We’re at a campground in Gettysburg tonight, and the stars are just amazing. I love living near a city, but I always forget how much the city-light interferes with the star-light. What a gorgeous night.


Pretty Fuckin’ Happy

Life is so cool

Two awesome gigs and two rude morons

I often gush about how blessed I am to be able to perform with such talented musicians. Well, tonight I got to perform with Hypaspace and Bryan McPherson on the same day.  It took a little rushing around, and I played on borrowed drums for the set with Hypaspace, but it was totally worth it.

The gig with Hypaspace was at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain; we’ve played there a lot lately, and it’s always a great time. I used the drums belonging to the drummer in the band after us, which aided my schedule. There was this awesome sticker on the side of the bass drum; it said “Don’t Look Back.” That’s just about become my motto, so I thought that was really cool. The only problem was that the strainer on the snare drum was broken, so I played the whole set with a snare drum with the snares disengaged; it’s okay, I’m a professional, but it was an interesting experience. Besides that minor problem I thought we all played awesome and the set was just great.

After the set was over I dashed out to my car and headed over to Church, where I had already dropped off my drums, for the gig with Bryan. This gig was also all different kinds of awesome. It was an “acoustic night,” so we played a little more mellow than we do sometimes, but the music was so good. Bryan has this new song, that he played with just he and Jessica (the fiddle player who’s been joining us), and I don’t even remember the name of it, but it is so powerful. Bryan’s music is good for my soul.

The day was marred by a couple people being kinda sorta stupid. First was this woman that insisted on calling me “he” even after being corrected several times. She finally got to the point where she was catching herself, but it was really obnoxious. This person did not know me before my transition; she has no experience with me as a “he.” I certainly am ~not~ a “he” by any stretch of the imagination; the only reason for her to do that was an almost malicious attack on my identity. As far as how it felt, it was annoying, but it’s been so long since anyone mistakenly referred to me as “he” that it felt more surreal than anything else.

The other rude moron was this guy that, when he saw pictures of me and Tim, said, “Wow, he’s even bigger than you.” Damn, that’s just insulting in so many ways. First, you’re saying that I’m ~so big~ that you’re amazed that anyone is bigger than me. Then you’re calling my boyfriend fat. He tried to salvage what he said but only dug himsef a deeper hole. This was more kind of just goofy annoying, as opposed to the “he” lady, which was more fucked-up.

Anyway, overall it was an amazing day; playing with both Hypaspace and Bryan was awesome, but now I am truly exhausted, so, time for bed.

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