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Meeting my Senator

So, I’ve been super-busy these last few weeks (as regular readers would notice), but I’ve got to try to catch up a little bit, as so many amazing things have been happening.

A couple weeks ago I met with my state senator to urge him to support the transgender civil rights bill before the legislature. I can say whatever I’ve said about labels, both my own and others, but I feel very strongly that no one should be discriminated against based on how the world perceives the rightness or wrongness of their gender expression. And so I think this bill is important. To say nothing of how much easier (and earlier) I think my own transition could have been in a world that understands the diversity of the human condition.


I met with the head of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition before the meeting, and also met a wonderful couple who went with me to meet our senator.

We didn’t get to see the senator for long, as he was late for a caucus, but we did sit with him for a few minutes. I told him that we were there to ask him to support the transgender civil rights bill, and he said that he would. It was sort of weird, because I had been lead to believe that he was a little more luke-warm on support than he seemed. He looked me right in the eyes and said that he couldn’t see why he wouldn’t support it.

So, yay!

I was pretty damned nervous going into the state house, but the day became a very empowering experience.

I am amazed at the person it turns out I am.

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