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Why I Want to Blog Again

In the four years since I stopped blogging my life has changed a little bit, but it’s stayed the same more than it’s changed. I got married, I sold my house, and I’m in the process of building a new one. Life goes on, it ebbs and flows. In many ways my life could be described as boring, both charitably and uncharitably.

I have also had time to live this boring life and refine some of my thinking about my story, and how to tell it. I had long been ambivalent about making my entire story private, especially the posts about my genital reconstruction surgery. It has long been my hope that this story, beyond being a sort of diary of events and thoughts, could be educational. I believe that as far as many believe the world has come in awareness around issues that face transsexual and transgender and trans people, there are still people out there who under-served by the medical community, their families, and society at large. I write for them; I write for the people as confused as I used to be. I write in the hope that something in my story may seem familiar, or inspiring, or clarifying. So, while this is largely a personal narrative with occasions of opinionated ranting, I also hope that it has the potential to be something more.

I also have to confess that there is a lot of language in the current popular conception of trans issues that I want to respond to, in large part due to the fact that I feel that the popular narrative feels as though it is leaving me behind. I’m feeling a renewed need to tease apart language and conventional wisdom, mainly because this group think has been so completely unhelpful for me in the past. I believe firmly in everyone having the validity of their story respected, but sometimes I feel that in the drive for some stories to be told, other stories get squeezed out. I have seen stories that seem similar to mine minimized, ridiculed, and seen their very authenticity questioned. Again, I believe that there still must be people living the same struggle I lived, who might be helped by my experience. I therefore find it important to continue telling my story. Also, there are certain elements of my story that seem nearly unique in all the land, and I think that might count for something too.

For a time my story included whimsical posts, and whiny posts, and while I may continue to blog with light-hearted or petulant tone, I probably won’t post under the veil of emotional angst; I hope to be more focused and intentional during this go ’round.

So, if you’re an old-timer who still has my blog in your feed, welcome back, and if you’re new to the story, welcome. I have made selected older posts public, and probably will continue to re-release a few more older posts. Feel free to peruse the archives, or just stay tuned for what comes next.

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