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Swim Time!

Last September was the first time I had been swimming in several years. I hated that. I am a total pisces; I love the water. I don’t think anything scared me as much as swimwear.

Amy started me thinking about it in the winter of ’06/’07 when she asked about me wearing a bathing suit.

And then SaraT’s mom gave me a bathing suit that actually fit and looked half-decent.

So, last September, nearly after the season, I screwed up my courage and went swimming at the beach a couple blocks from my house. (There are even pictures to prove it.)

I wanted to get a new suit for this summer. My mom and I are going to Foxwood’s for a couple overnights, and I hate gambling, so I’ll be swimming. Is anyone surprised that this is the suit I just ordered?

Is that not the perfect “Penny Suit” or what? 

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